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Parents always hope to provide their children with more opportunities and a better quality of life than they have. For many generations, one notable path to this goal has been a college education.

Unfortunately, the cost of higher education is escalating at a rapid rate. At its recent increase rate of approximately 8% every year, the cost of a college education is rising considerably faster than the cost of living and is doubling every 9 years. With state governments in financial difficulty these days, their customary supporting role for two- and four-year public colleges is likely to be lessened as well.


It can be argued that developing an effective method to pay for rising college expenses has never been more critical than it is today.


Secure Financial Solutions has a number of programs and strategies to help parents minimize the cost of college for their kids. Uniform Gifts to Minor Act (UGMA), Education IRAs (also known as the Coverdell Education Savings Account), Section 529 College Savings Plans, and Roth IRAs are among the many different saving and investment options available to parents. The advisors at Secure Financial Solutions can craft the most effective plan for each client’s specific circumstance.

If it’s time for you to begin saving for your children’s education, we hope you’ll give Secure Financial Solutions the opportunity to assist you. Please contact us at (919) 654-6838 or by requesting a Complimentary Portfolio Review. We look forward to serving you.